Cosmetic Laboratory

0Our cosmetic laboratory offers a cosmetic chemistry course, taught by an experienced cosmetic chemist. For any adult wishing to launch a line of personal care products (whether hair care, skin care, or color cosmetic- categories), this class is a perfect fit for you. In addition, we offer special formulation parties within our “mini cosmo bar”. Drinks and appetizers are offered, for additional charge.
Our class curriculum includes:

  • Introduction To Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Hair Care (Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels, Styling Products…)
  • Skin Care (Lotions, Body-washes, Scrubs, Peels, Cremes……)
  • Color Cosmetic (Lip Glosses, Blushes, Eyeshadows, & Nail Polishes)

Since class times are subject to change, please recheck our website for an updated class schedule, or contact us at to inquire about party group minimums and pricing. Reservations are required, along with a nonrefundable deposit.  Deposits for cancelled reservations are transferrable to other class dates, or open party times.